Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 - 1 - 95 Eric, who I photographed before, this time in his own apartment and he wanted his photos to be more sexual. He started complimenting me, but soon switched the conversation over to him, mentioning how the shoot, the role-reversal is about him. I wrapped-up the shoot, usually sooner than I do, since he was focusing more on me than on the shoot of himself.

4 - 2 - 95 Jonathan, Jewish, 26 yrs. of age, a Cornell University graduate and a lawyer. He wanted to do the shoot to get over a sexual event that happened to him, since he has been in therapy for 4 years, since his mother made sexual advances to him. He said he has no girlfriend and was shy, at the start of the shoot and then said he was comfortable about me photographing him. He was enjoying masturbating, while I did stronger photos of him.

4 - 2 - 95 Photographed Bob J. again on Horatio St. in the West Village. He kept porn videos playing on the TV during the shoot and mentioned that he ejaculated 4 times today and masturbates a lot. He has the typical problems with his live-in girlfriend, always arguing. In his 30's and said that he likes Vanessa Del Rio, the porn star from the 80's a lot and would love to have sex with her. That's Bob J., indeed.

4 - 15 - 95 Peter, a rock writer, blond, tall and 32 yrs. of age, wasp, good looks, single and said he has a girlfriend in Los Angeles. He never had been photographed by a female in the nude, so wanted to have the experience and liked the fact that he didn't know what to expect. Wanted me to direct the entire photo shoot, but did have two suggestions for his photos. He wanted a few photos of himself with his underwear on and with an erection and with his pajama bottoms on. He got those photos, in addition to my suggestions, which he liked a lot. Mentioned that he was into porn and liked when I got wrist-straps that I tied around his wrists and blind-folded him. Said he enjoyed the shoot, much better than he thought and how excited he felt. I thought he was sensitive and sexy with his feelings. I loved the nice available light in his apt. and the shadows that came thru the window-panes. Good shoot, resulting in good photos, hot.

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Peter Lynch said...

I am the Peter you shot 17 years ago. I really did have a great time, and I'm glad you were pleased with the photos.