Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 - 26 - 95 Bob J., his birthday was yesterday and went to Cirque De Soil with eight other people from his family. He turned 32 yrs. of age and recently broke up with his girlfriend. I have photographed him three times before and always pays for my cab from my midtown apartment to his place in the West Village. He is the obsessed masturbater, always wants to do and told me he can ejaculate, ten times in a day. Seems to be a rich guy, drinks beer all day, lives in an expensive place, but is a nice guy, still trying to find himself and doesn't want to work for his father's company.

6 - 17 - 95 Frank, who I photographed before wanted to be photographed with a female. I asked Rosemary, if she was interested in being nude and photographed with him and she agreed. She is into being a dominatrix and she spanked him and then I photographed them together.

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