Sunday, January 31, 2010

6 - 23 - 95 Allen, 38 yrs. old, lived on East 57th St., in his Aunt's co-op and pays rent of $800 a month. He gave me his calling card, which said Mr. Goodbar, bartending, which he does part-time. He wanted some head shots, along with some burlesk photos, in a G-string. He seemed to be a bit speedy and a little crazy-like. Good-looking guy, he showed me head shots of himself when he was 21 yrs. old. Seemed confused about what to do career-wise and no steady girlfriend. He kept going off in different tangents when talking with me. Wanted all subtle photos, nothing sexual.

7 - 3 - 95 Eric, Puerto Rican, 24 yrs. of age, contact me again, to do more photos of him. I did some soft-to-erection photos of him. He mentioned that his girlfriend was away for the week and always had the fantasy of having sex with an older women and wanted to get off this subject, when he told me that I had a pretty face. Did the photos and left.

7 - 12 - 95 Dave, married, lives in White Plains and drove into the city and picked me up in front of my apt. and then we drove to Rosemary's apt. He was interested in exploring some light S/M with her, while I photographed it all. He was heavy and talked about his 2nd marriage to his wife who he said was conservative. He did not tell his wife that he was doing the photo shoot.

7 - 22 - 95 Bob J. again and photographed him while he masturbated and when he put his former girlfriend on his head and over his face. This is Bob's way about him and always polite.

7 - 25 - 95 Chris, 32 yrs. of age and live on the upper East Side. He resembled Sylvester Stallone, very muscular and always wanted to document himself in the nude. He mentioned to me that he was shy and would never go to a nude beach. Very polite and flexed his muscles for me.

7 - 30 - 95 Monte, 32 yrs. of age, black and was photographed before, told me he got jobs dancing from the photos that I took of him before and enjoys the shoots. He has a large penis, very mannerly, polite and drove me back home into the city from his Hackensack, NJ apt.

8 - 5 - 95 Jeff, 27 yrs. of age, white from Rye, NY. Wanted to do a shoot to get photos, so he could try to be a dancer, make extra money doing parties. I thought he didn't look the type, since he was short, but nice guy and a little naive. Lived with a roommate, who he didn't want to know was doing a nude shoot.

8 - 8 - 95 Jonathan, 32 yrs. of age, short, married for 6 yrs, has 2 kids and told me his wife was in Japan, lived on the upper East side and hasn't had sex in two months. Kept saying that doing this shoot was unique. He seemed to be a little uptight, but was appreciative of the shoot. Very polite and told me he worked in a Park Avenue Cafe as a manager. Soft-spoken and submissive.

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