Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 - 25 - 95 Lewis, 26 yrs. of age, Puerto Rican, said he has never been photographed by a woman in the nude. Has a female roommate who is 32 yrs. of age and the both sleep in the same bed.
He's very religious, had lots of pictures of Christ on his walls and a small alter with a Bible on it in the living room where he prays and reads about religions. Spiritual, burning intense with New Age music playing. Was interested in erotic photos, none sexual, unless he was to be photographed with a woman. Very polite, a nice-looking guy. Worked in a 14th St. office, 6 years at his job and started as a messenger.

2- 25 - 95 Went to Lewis S. who lives on East 51st St. in the evening at 8:00 pm. I have photographed him before. Thought he looked better than before and has cut his long hair, making him look more mature. Currently, has a girlfriend of 3 yrs. who lives in London. I did some of my "Me and Men" photos with him, putting a part of myself in the photograph with him. A very polite, respectful, shy-like guy, sometimes very reserved. I am sure I will photograph him again, when he contacts me, since he lives nearby.

3 - 4 - 95 Photographed Bob again, who lives on West 80th St. He said he was watching porn, before my arrival and I mentioned that if he wanted to watch it, while I photographed him that it was cool with me and he did. He wanted all sexual photographs of himself this time, which meant stronger photos, including erections. He wore a cock ring, so he would be able to keep an erection longer and ejaculated that reached across the room, which he mentioned was his
speciality to do. Nice guy, older guy, graying at the temples, nice-looking.

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