Friday, September 25, 2009

5-7-94 I'm in Bergenfield, NJ to photograph a black guy, named Monte who is single and 28 yrs. of age. He wanted photos of himself for promotion as a male stripper. Educated and polite, he decided that in addition to the promotional photos that he wanted to do nudes with an erection.
He said I was the 2nd woman to have masturbated in front of. The first was his girlfriend of 8 yrs. who lives with him. He asked if I would talk suggestively to him, which I did a little bit and do some make-believe sexual things. He did a lot of sexual things to himself, including using a dildo, up his butt, which made him ejaculate. He thought the entire shoot was very hot and had a great time doing the photos with someone who was cool. Was a gentleman throughout the entire shoot, enjoyed photographing him, since I do not get the opportunity to photograph many black men.

5-21-94 Went back to photograph Pat on West 14th St. An older guy and open to being photographed in all situations. He lived in a small one-room, SRO residence, only a single bed, a chair and a dresser in the room, with one window. He presented me with a gift of a picture frame and told me that I had a flair to be an actress. He spoke to me about many old time actresses that he admired.

6-4-94 Mark M, 31 yrs. of age, waspy, lived on Central Park South and said that he did not have a girlfriend. Always wanted to have nude photos of himself, especially of him masturbating. He had champagne for the both of us. He said he couldn't ejaculate because of a condition called retarded ejaculation. I thought this was something that he had made up, since I have never heard of the condition. He mentioned that he went to a few swinger's clubs in the city, including
Trapeze and many times that he calls women to come to his apartment to give him a massage and pays for sex. Did the photos of him and after the shoot mentioned to me that I was attractive, thought that was a nice compliment.

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