Friday, September 11, 2009

11/13/93 - Photographed Lewis, who I photographed 8 yrs. ago. He's now 32 and single. He wasn't interested in sexual photos of himself, even though he had a semi-erect penis. I did very arty photos of him and he said he would do again, since he enjoyed being the sex-object.

11/20/93 - Did some quick photos of a guy, named Joe, nothing special, but did do some photos of myself with him in a mirror, nothing special.

12/06/93 - I went to Brooklyn to photograph two roommates together. Tim and Vince, both 23 yrs. of age with lots of piercing on their nipples, tongues and penis. Since I've now been photographing male nudes for years, I came to the conclusion in this photo shoot situation that older men are more sexual than the younger guys. The older guy is more comfortable about masturbating. Tim, the black young guy asked me, if my husband was jealous that I photographed male nudes. No, I replied. Cool, he replied. They put on music and neither got an erection, but Tim started to get a semi-erection, not Vince at all. They both thought it was very cool that I was photographing them. They wanted me to stay longer, after I finished my shoot. Both very cordial and polite to me.

12/07/93 - Photographed Michael on the eastside of the city, age 48 and single. When I entered his apartment, he was drunk, downright plastered. I got him to stand up for a while, but he kept falling over. Very overweight. He feel asleep on his sofa, never to get up, so I did so photos of him on it and then I quickly left.

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