Friday, September 18, 2009

4-16-94 Steve lived in Jersey City in a condo. He's single and working as a manager for AT&T, extremely polite, a bit submissive. He told me that he had never been photographed by a woman and enjoyed the entire photo shoot and the reason to do the shoot. Nice guy.

4-22-94 Tim lived in a loft in Tribeca, age 41, good-looking, super-cut body, very cultured. He said he wrote and directed movies and mentioned some names to me, which I was unfamiliar with. He wanted to do the photo shoot, so he would be able to give photos of himself to his girlfriend who lived in Los Angeles. An actress, I asked, no a former actress. He was very much into photography and had two original Berenice Abbott photos on his wall. I enjoyed photographing him, having conversation with him and upon entering his loft, to me it seemed just like a scene from a movie. His penis, at some times, got an erection and at times it subsided.
He seemed pleased with the shoot and I was pleased to have photographed him.

4-30-94 Robert lived at 8th Ave. & 17th St, about 30 yrs. of age, a chef and engaged to be married to a dancer, who was away in Germany for a month. When I verified today's photo shoot, her voice was on the answering machine. When I first got to his place, he immediately asked me, if I would like some wine and starting telling me why he wanted to do a nude shoot.
He saw it as liberating for himself and didn't view the male nude body as beautiful as a woman's.
He said he was a bit shy. But, once I started photographing him, he was quick to be sexual with himself. He wanted to get an erection immediately and put a cock ring on and tied a piece of leather around his penis, even putting a candle up his butt, even lit it, masturbated and ejaculated. And I thought in my mind, this guy is shy? Yeah, right! He said he was going to show the photos to his girlfriend and even tell her that a female photographed did the photos.
Nice but a bit strange, since from the very start he mentioned how shy he was and then did things a shy guy would never do. Perhaps he wanted to see what my reaction would be, but there was none, I just continued photographing.

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