Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 - 16 - 94 Josh, 30's lawyer. He was a huge-size guy, with lots of hair all over his body, including a skin rash. I didn't find him interesting to photograph. Very dull and didn't have any input into the shoot, no suggestions, nor know how he wanted to be photographed. I usually like an exchange going on, between me and my subject. This was a short shoot, since he seemed not interested in doing at all, so I wrapped it up, quickly.

8 - 19 - 94 Patrick, 30, gay, pleasant-looking, slim and wanted the nude photos of himself to put together a photo album. He had other photographer's to capture him on film and wanted me to do the same. His photo shoot was very subtle, not into any strong photos that would include erections, wasn't into anything sexual or touching himself, which was nice to do.

8 -24 - 94 Richard, 27, Puerto Rican background and lived at home on 103rd. St., so I photographed him up on a friend's rooftop, in midtown. He was slim and had very long black-shiny hair that fell in his face. He told me he has aspirations of being a model and always wanted to do a nude shoot with a female photographer. His pubic hair was shaven and had a scar near his penis, do to some kind of surgery that he needed. During the shoot, the entire time, his penis was dripping. He was very cooperative and said he looked forward to doing another shoot. I liked the photos of him that included him in his white-cotton underwear with his penis out.

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