Monday, October 26, 2009

9 - 5 - 94 David, 29 yrs. of age, lives with his girlfriend in Queens, NY. She was away for the weekend and met me in the city to do his nude shoot. We went to my friend's rooftop, where he
quickly took off his clothes and began touching himself. He wanted photos of himself with an erection. I gently touched his arm and his leg and he said it was hot, while I started photograph-
ing him. He continued to masturbate and ejaculated, all very quickly. He mentioned that he liked it when people watched him, while he masturbated. I got some hot photos of him, too.

10 - 15 -94 Robert E, single 36 yrs. of age and a character actor in NYC. Very polite, nice and wasn't' interested in any sexual photos of himself or erections. But, he did touch his penis every now and then, to make it bigger. I took notice of a cowboy hat that was in his apartment and had him wear it and did some photos of myself with him, too. He liked it when I touched the rim of the cowboy hat, giving it a sense of suggestiveness and eroticism. He was very much into the subtle, erotic sense of the shoots and found it different and interesting to do.

10 - 22 - 94 Perry, 34, cute, said to me that he was heterosexual and an aspiring artist/painter, who also had a day job. I went to his do his photo shoot in the space that he rent where he did his paintings, which were all around and on the walls. He called his paintings landscapes, but to me looked like a bunch of colors on the canvas. He told me that he liked women and considered himself to be very sexual, so he wanted to see what it was like to be photographed by a female.
He wanted all his photos to be sexual, touching, masturbating photos. He had no idea what he wanted to do or would do, but to take it as it went. He enjoyed the shoot, thought it was a hot shoot and ejaculated at the end of it. Told me that he didn't have sex last nite, since he wanted to save his orgasm for the shoot.

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