Friday, September 25, 2009

5-7-94 I'm in Bergenfield, NJ to photograph a black guy, named Monte who is single and 28 yrs. of age. He wanted photos of himself for promotion as a male stripper. Educated and polite, he decided that in addition to the promotional photos that he wanted to do nudes with an erection.
He said I was the 2nd woman to have masturbated in front of. The first was his girlfriend of 8 yrs. who lives with him. He asked if I would talk suggestively to him, which I did a little bit and do some make-believe sexual things. He did a lot of sexual things to himself, including using a dildo, up his butt, which made him ejaculate. He thought the entire shoot was very hot and had a great time doing the photos with someone who was cool. Was a gentleman throughout the entire shoot, enjoyed photographing him, since I do not get the opportunity to photograph many black men.

5-21-94 Went back to photograph Pat on West 14th St. An older guy and open to being photographed in all situations. He lived in a small one-room, SRO residence, only a single bed, a chair and a dresser in the room, with one window. He presented me with a gift of a picture frame and told me that I had a flair to be an actress. He spoke to me about many old time actresses that he admired.

6-4-94 Mark M, 31 yrs. of age, waspy, lived on Central Park South and said that he did not have a girlfriend. Always wanted to have nude photos of himself, especially of him masturbating. He had champagne for the both of us. He said he couldn't ejaculate because of a condition called retarded ejaculation. I thought this was something that he had made up, since I have never heard of the condition. He mentioned that he went to a few swinger's clubs in the city, including
Trapeze and many times that he calls women to come to his apartment to give him a massage and pays for sex. Did the photos of him and after the shoot mentioned to me that I was attractive, thought that was a nice compliment.

Friday, September 18, 2009

4-16-94 Steve lived in Jersey City in a condo. He's single and working as a manager for AT&T, extremely polite, a bit submissive. He told me that he had never been photographed by a woman and enjoyed the entire photo shoot and the reason to do the shoot. Nice guy.

4-22-94 Tim lived in a loft in Tribeca, age 41, good-looking, super-cut body, very cultured. He said he wrote and directed movies and mentioned some names to me, which I was unfamiliar with. He wanted to do the photo shoot, so he would be able to give photos of himself to his girlfriend who lived in Los Angeles. An actress, I asked, no a former actress. He was very much into photography and had two original Berenice Abbott photos on his wall. I enjoyed photographing him, having conversation with him and upon entering his loft, to me it seemed just like a scene from a movie. His penis, at some times, got an erection and at times it subsided.
He seemed pleased with the shoot and I was pleased to have photographed him.

4-30-94 Robert lived at 8th Ave. & 17th St, about 30 yrs. of age, a chef and engaged to be married to a dancer, who was away in Germany for a month. When I verified today's photo shoot, her voice was on the answering machine. When I first got to his place, he immediately asked me, if I would like some wine and starting telling me why he wanted to do a nude shoot.
He saw it as liberating for himself and didn't view the male nude body as beautiful as a woman's.
He said he was a bit shy. But, once I started photographing him, he was quick to be sexual with himself. He wanted to get an erection immediately and put a cock ring on and tied a piece of leather around his penis, even putting a candle up his butt, even lit it, masturbated and ejaculated. And I thought in my mind, this guy is shy? Yeah, right! He said he was going to show the photos to his girlfriend and even tell her that a female photographed did the photos.
Nice but a bit strange, since from the very start he mentioned how shy he was and then did things a shy guy would never do. Perhaps he wanted to see what my reaction would be, but there was none, I just continued photographing.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

1/08/94 - Went to Annie Sprinkle's Salon social, where a few female-t0-male transsexuals were also invited. This is the first time that I have ever seen female-to-male transsexuals and Martin and Marty came to show the ladies their new penis that were made from the bodies skin into a penis. For me, at first their new penis' looked a bit strange, but they both mentioned that they had more operations to do, to fine tune them and have an implant made. The size of the penis is what the implant will be. They are looking forward to trying it out. A lot of the ladies that were there were feeling it. I photographed their new penis' and were happy about all the attention.
Nice guys and I wish them well.

3/09/94 - Did an ad in the back of the New York Press and me photographing male nudes and got a lot of phone calls. Lots of the men who are calling are asking sexual things and glad they are, since my photography has nothing to do with what they are asking. But, it is NYC and suggested that they call someone else for what they are seeking. I went to photograph Pat R., on West 14th St., in his single-room, have photographed him before and his first photo shoot resulted in one of my favorite photos. He's an older, gray-haired man, which a plopped a hat on his hat, reclined him sideways on this bed and did the photo in available light and was published in a book that Massachusetts Institute of Technology published. He always likes the attention that I give him and always very polite at all times.

3/13/94 - Went back to photograph Pat R. who I photographed 15 yrs. ago. This time I did some photos of me with him in his mirror. Like the photos very much and found it interesting, putting myself in the photos with the naked guy. He told me I looked good and how wonderful it was for him. It's interesting that when I was doing my "Naked Men" series back in 1976, 78, 79, 80's that sex wasn't such a taboo matter as it is now. My male nude photos are now more sexual and so is the talk that takes place. Perhaps men are looking for a different way to have a sexual experience with sexual contact. Back then people were having more sex with others, before the AIDS crisis, so it wasn't as sexual when I photographed them. I got a phone call from a young guy, named Michael, a student, age 26, who said he was inquiring about my ad. He mentioned that he felt guilty talking to me with an erection and guilty for not telling his girlfriend he desire to have me photograph him nude.

3/26/94 - Jim, 40 yrs. of age, married 8 yrs, said that there is no sex in his marriage and always fantasized about a female photographing him in the nude. He mentioned that he wasn't interested in his wife sexually. She'd always put a towel under him, when she gave him a blow-job, which weren't many. Very polite, nice guy. He played with himself the entire time, I was photographing him for more than two hours. He asked me to talk dirty to him and then he ejaculated, which he said was terrific and thanked me for doing his fantasy photo shoot.

3/28/94 - Jim left a message on my answering machine saying, "I want to thank you for the unforgettable experience". Thought that was touching.

Friday, September 11, 2009

11/13/93 - Photographed Lewis, who I photographed 8 yrs. ago. He's now 32 and single. He wasn't interested in sexual photos of himself, even though he had a semi-erect penis. I did very arty photos of him and he said he would do again, since he enjoyed being the sex-object.

11/20/93 - Did some quick photos of a guy, named Joe, nothing special, but did do some photos of myself with him in a mirror, nothing special.

12/06/93 - I went to Brooklyn to photograph two roommates together. Tim and Vince, both 23 yrs. of age with lots of piercing on their nipples, tongues and penis. Since I've now been photographing male nudes for years, I came to the conclusion in this photo shoot situation that older men are more sexual than the younger guys. The older guy is more comfortable about masturbating. Tim, the black young guy asked me, if my husband was jealous that I photographed male nudes. No, I replied. Cool, he replied. They put on music and neither got an erection, but Tim started to get a semi-erection, not Vince at all. They both thought it was very cool that I was photographing them. They wanted me to stay longer, after I finished my shoot. Both very cordial and polite to me.

12/07/93 - Photographed Michael on the eastside of the city, age 48 and single. When I entered his apartment, he was drunk, downright plastered. I got him to stand up for a while, but he kept falling over. Very overweight. He feel asleep on his sofa, never to get up, so I did so photos of him on it and then I quickly left.