Friday, November 13, 2009

12 -11 - 94 Bob, 40 yrs. of age, single and works as a bartender. Contacted me and said he wanted photos of himself, before he started to workout. He had his weights around in his apartment and wanted photos with them. Then wanted photos of a more sexual nature with an erection and masturbating. The entire photo shoot he was polite and mentioned that this was all new to him. I didn't spend much time doing his photo shoot, since he ejaculated fairly quickly and I packed up my camera equipment and ended the shoot, while classical music played, along with his golf clubs in the room.

1 - 7 - 95 James, 34 yrs. of age, black guy, which I don't photograph too often and want to, single and lived downtown in a housing project. It seemed that one time he was down and out, but now is trying to get himself together. Told me he received some sort of check from the government. He was not interested in sexual photos of himself and did not even touch himself, which was nice to do subtle, erotic photos. Said he was nervous in the beginning of the shoot and then felt comfortable doing. Mentioned to me that it is not everyday that an attractive woman would be photographing him. Wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon reflecting about it, since the
experience was enjoyable on many levels. He started telling me that he had not had a girlfriend in more than a year and the last one was a prostitute and said he had to leave her.

1 - 14 - 95 Julian, white, 27 yrs. of age, single and lived with his father. He had gotten a hotel room to do the shoot in on West 27th St, The Senton Hotel. He had four tattoos on him, was slim and said that he didn't smoke or drink and always wanted to do nude modeling. My impression of him was that he could have been heavier and needed to feel more comfortable in front of the
camera. He did get an erection, but didn't ejaculate. Mentioned that he was straight and that he sees a number of women, but doesn't sleep with all of them and always uses a condom. Told me that there was a lot of unprotected sex going on. Is interested in doing pornographic videos and porn magazine modeling. Had a very Italian-look and was completely shaven in the pubic area.

1 - 28 - 95 Sharin, 25 yrs. of age and came from Egypt, 3 yrs. ago. Found him to be good-looking
and wanted the nude photos for his modeling purposes. His public area was shaven. Couldn't get an erection in the beginning of the shot, but did later on and asked me when he did "how's this?" He had a great smile, very pleasant and wanted me to select the best photos of him. Said he didn't have a current girlfriend but previously had a Jewish girlfriend, but said she was too winy for him. He moved out of his last apartment because the female landlady, who was divorced, kept sexually coming on to him.

2 - 17 - 95 Tad, 24 yrs. of age, plays the drums in a band. Told me he was submissive and wanted his wrists and ankles tied to the framework of his futon. He wanted to keep an erection for the entire shoot, but couldn't. Told me the last time he had sex with a woman was a year ago.
He was polite, but a bit strange. Said the photo shoot was better than what he thought it would be. Said he masturbated the nite before the shoot, while thinking about the shoot the next day.. He said he wanted to do the shoot for the experience of being photographed by a female. This was his first time to have this type of experience, thought it was great.

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