Thursday, November 05, 2009

11 - 25 - 94 Don, single, 55 yrs. of age, retired after working at JFK Airport for 35 yrs. Said he was a former alcoholic and goes to AA meetings. Always wanted to do a nude photo shoot by a female photographer and take it to the limit, with ejaculation. He, also likes to get nude massages by a female who charges him $70/hr, sees a chiropractor and other women for various situations. He mentioned to me that he had two opportunities to get married, but didn't work out, since both parties used each other, even though he said, "I would have treated her well". He likes to masturbate and likes blow-jobs, isn't into penetration. Since he has a large belly, him being on top, wouldn't look good.

11 - 28 - 94 Tonite went to photograph Bob J, 31, single and lives in the West Village. Told me to take a cab to and from my place to do the shoot in his loft-like, luxury building. Said he never had a female photograph him in the nude, so it interested him. He wanted all sexual photographs of himself, including erections. He began masturbating immediately, very respectful of me. Really got into it, while I began taking photos of him. Said the entire experience was different and would definitely contact me again to do photos and I would definitely want him to, since the photographs of him were strong photos. Like to photograph guys who are into the entire experience.

12 - 2 - 94 Marc, 28, single, had very long-blond, beautiful, straight, silky hair, which went down to his waist. He was hip and cute. I met him in front of his building where he worked, a record company on the Westside, in the 50's. I photographed him in an empty office and he was very polite and apologized for being late. He said he never had a female photograph him in the nude and needed coaching from me. Mentioned to me that he was fat, which he didn't have an extra pound of him, it was his vanity. I wrapped his long-hair around his head and face, making for surreal-like photos, which I liked. I kept feeling his nervousness, he was youngish, but of age, just never did before. He didn't want any sexual photos, but erotic, subtle, beautiful photos, but did touch himself, towards the end of shoot. Said he was very comfortable doing the shoot with me and kept asking me other questions about other men that I have photographed and what they do. I mentioned, each shoot is different, just like all of us are different.

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