Friday, October 30, 2009

11 - 4 - 94 Eric, 24 yrs. of age, Puerto Rican, just had gotten out of the AirForce, was in London for 2 yrs. Tall, dark and good-looking with a nice size penis. I did classic photos of him, all the time while he kept touching his penis to make it erect and wanted photos of himself ejaculating, which he did. He then asked me questions about the male modeling business, since he said when he was in South Beach, Fl, a male photographer wanted to do photos of him for a gay magazine, but said that wasn't his thing. Said he has a sometimes girlfriend, very polite, nice guy. He arrived on time for me to do his nude photos up on my friend's rooftop and said wants to contact me to do again.

11 - 12 -94 Steve, 27 yrs. of age, Puerto Rican, lived in Co-op City, Bronx and picked me up in a jazzed up white Mustang, when I got off the subway stop, near his place. Was an awkward photo shoot, since he was very stiff, even though he mentioned to me that he never had done before, so wanted to do. He had no problem with an erection, which he got immediately, ejaculated and then it was the end of the photo shoot. Photos were dull, but maybe next time they will be better, since he said he would do again.

11 - 19 - 94 Iain, 43 yrs. of age, from London, living in Bronxville, NY for the past 14 yrs. He picked me up at his train station and went to a nice home that he lives in. He was a bit heavy, out of shape. We entered his unlocked home and quickly answered his ringing phone, talking about liquidating a large sum of money. He offered me white wine and some cheese. Told me his wanted the nude photos of himself for his mistress of 3 yrs. He is a submissive and said that she canes him and he has met his mistresses' boyfriend. Said he never had sex with her, but would like to, but that wasn't the relationship. He eventually masturbated while I took the photos and ejaculated. Found him to be polite and intelligent. He had his pubic hair all removed by electrolysis, since he found being without hair convenient. He wants to do again and I did a few photos of myself with him, while put a pair of stockings around his face to obscure it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

9 - 5 - 94 David, 29 yrs. of age, lives with his girlfriend in Queens, NY. She was away for the weekend and met me in the city to do his nude shoot. We went to my friend's rooftop, where he
quickly took off his clothes and began touching himself. He wanted photos of himself with an erection. I gently touched his arm and his leg and he said it was hot, while I started photograph-
ing him. He continued to masturbate and ejaculated, all very quickly. He mentioned that he liked it when people watched him, while he masturbated. I got some hot photos of him, too.

10 - 15 -94 Robert E, single 36 yrs. of age and a character actor in NYC. Very polite, nice and wasn't' interested in any sexual photos of himself or erections. But, he did touch his penis every now and then, to make it bigger. I took notice of a cowboy hat that was in his apartment and had him wear it and did some photos of myself with him, too. He liked it when I touched the rim of the cowboy hat, giving it a sense of suggestiveness and eroticism. He was very much into the subtle, erotic sense of the shoots and found it different and interesting to do.

10 - 22 - 94 Perry, 34, cute, said to me that he was heterosexual and an aspiring artist/painter, who also had a day job. I went to his do his photo shoot in the space that he rent where he did his paintings, which were all around and on the walls. He called his paintings landscapes, but to me looked like a bunch of colors on the canvas. He told me that he liked women and considered himself to be very sexual, so he wanted to see what it was like to be photographed by a female.
He wanted all his photos to be sexual, touching, masturbating photos. He had no idea what he wanted to do or would do, but to take it as it went. He enjoyed the shoot, thought it was a hot shoot and ejaculated at the end of it. Told me that he didn't have sex last nite, since he wanted to save his orgasm for the shoot.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 - 16 - 94 Josh, 30's lawyer. He was a huge-size guy, with lots of hair all over his body, including a skin rash. I didn't find him interesting to photograph. Very dull and didn't have any input into the shoot, no suggestions, nor know how he wanted to be photographed. I usually like an exchange going on, between me and my subject. This was a short shoot, since he seemed not interested in doing at all, so I wrapped it up, quickly.

8 - 19 - 94 Patrick, 30, gay, pleasant-looking, slim and wanted the nude photos of himself to put together a photo album. He had other photographer's to capture him on film and wanted me to do the same. His photo shoot was very subtle, not into any strong photos that would include erections, wasn't into anything sexual or touching himself, which was nice to do.

8 -24 - 94 Richard, 27, Puerto Rican background and lived at home on 103rd. St., so I photographed him up on a friend's rooftop, in midtown. He was slim and had very long black-shiny hair that fell in his face. He told me he has aspirations of being a model and always wanted to do a nude shoot with a female photographer. His pubic hair was shaven and had a scar near his penis, do to some kind of surgery that he needed. During the shoot, the entire time, his penis was dripping. He was very cooperative and said he looked forward to doing another shoot. I liked the photos of him that included him in his white-cotton underwear with his penis out.